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Swatantryaveer Savarkar Smarak

       This National Memorial raised in the memory of Swatantryaveer Savarkar is a place which attracts a large number of people in the evening who like to spend their time and talk in good surrounding.
       This seaside memorial erected on a plot of 6650 sq meters provided by Municipal Corporation of Greater Bombay has a 20000 sq.ft plaza where a life size statue of Veer Savarkar is setup surrounded by a beautifully designed garden with two colourful fountains giving the whole surrounding a magnificient look. Under the plaza, a spacious open space which can accomodate about 25000 people is made available for holding meetings, exhibitions,workshops,camps etc.
       The Samarak has a National Museum of Revolutionaries, and Auditorium, Research and Reference library, Military training Centre, yogic and Physical Training Centre, Medical Centre and Mobile Hospital and also a Book Trust.

Some activities undetaken :
1.Boxing Club - The training is undertaken on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 7.30p.m and 8.30p.m and Saturdays between 6.00 to 7.00p.m.
Admission Fees-Rs 75/-
Training Fees-Rs 60/-per month.
For further details contact coordinator Mr.Ashish Medhekar at Samrak office.
2.Mountaineering Club - To promote and assist the spirit of adventure activities in the youth,this club has been formed.
To encourage the spirit of adventure it has been decided to undertake along with Trekking,Mountaineering,Training Courses in Rock Climbing,Canoing,Rafting,Paragliding under the guidance of experts in the respective fields.
This provides oppurtunity to the nature lovers for study of fauna-flora,bird and wild life astronomy under the guidance of experts.
For further details contact Shri Rajendra Vardkar organizer of the club between 5.30p.m to 8.00p.m
Entry Fees- Rs 50/-
Annual Fees-Rs 100/-
3.Rifle Club - person desirous of becoming member has fill uo the application form alongwith 3 copies of identity card size photographs.
Admission Fee-Rs 50/-
Fees per month-Rs 50/-
Basic Training Fees-Rs 150/-
The basic Training course would be of 12 days duration spread over a period of i monthi.e 3 days in a week.The fees are inclusive of charges for ammunition and the use of Rifle also.The basic training courses would begin in the first week of every month.
The timings are as follows:
Basic Training Course :Tuesdays and Thursdays 6.30p.m to 7.30p.m and Saturdays 5.15p.m to 6.15p.m
Practice Sessions: Mondays and Fridays in the evening
4.Savarkar School of Martial Arts - Various Martial Arts such as Karate & Gymnastics etc are taught by teachers in this field in collabration with the international Japanese Karate Association & All India Karate Federation and Cheif Justice Instructor would be Shri Sitaram,2nd Dan Black Belt J.K.A.I. The Classes are conducted every Saturday and Sunday between 4.00p.m and 5.00 p.m. The students will be trained for various belts,examination to be held from time to time.
Admission Fees-Rs 350/-
Practicing Fees-Rs 70/-per month
Dress will have to be of the colour and size designated.
Three identity card photographs have to be submitted along with the application form.
5.Sainik Shikshna Kendra - This kendra has been conducting coaching clases for NDA Entrance Examination for last 5 years and has recieved very good response.
The clases are held 4 times a week i.e on Tuesday,Wednesday,Saturday,Sunday in the evening between 5.30p.m and 8.00p.m.
The fees for the entire course which is about 2 or 2.5 months duration is Rs 3000/- and to be paid in advance.
For more info contact personally.

Swatantrayaveer Savarkar Smarak
Veer Savarkar Marg,Shivaji Park,

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