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The Gateway Of India

           A triple-arch gateway grandeur at Apollo Bunder, opposite the Taj Mahal Hotel. It began as a plaster arch in 1911 to welcome George V and Queen Mary to India. The design is based on 16th century Gujarat style. The arch is in Muslim style while the decorations are in Hindu style. The stones were locally obtained while the perforated screens were brought from gwalior . It was then dismantled and rebuilt in its present form in 1927. Overlooking the Arabian Sea, this majestic monument is surrounded by gardens and the statue of Chhatrapati
Shivaji. From here one can go by ferry boats around the Harbour and to Elephanta Caves.


Elephanta Caves

           Elephanta Caves are situated on a small island about 11kms from the Gateway of India by boat. The name Elephanta was given by the Portuguese from a large Elephant Structure they found there, which is now removed to the Veer Jijamata Udyan. In Hindu mythology the supreme of God is worshipped in three aspects as Brahama the creator, Vishnu the preserver and Shiva the destroyer.
       In the main cave there are nine carvings. They depict
  • God Shiva as King of Dancers
  • God Shiva as demon killing Andhakar
  • Marriage ceremony of Shiva and Parvati
  • Descent to Ganges
  • Shiva as Maheshmurti
    Shiva as Ardhnarinateshwar
  • Parvati in pot (a scene of Kalidas Mountain)
  • Shiva lifting Kailas
  • Shiva as an ascetic
In order to visit the caves, advance tickets can be had for Saturday and Sundays a day before.


Hanging Garden

            Its real name is Sir Pherozeshah Mehta Gardens. It is a beautiful terrace garden landscaped on top of three water reservoirs. The soil is spread over the tank from 6 inches to 30 inches. That is why there is no tree here. These are found on the slopes. The hedges are cut into animal shape and are special features of this garden.It was built in 1880 and renovated in 1921 to increase its capacity upto 30 million gallons of water. Water is cleaned and supplied to the entire Mumbai.


Churchgate Railway Station

        It is the terminus of Western Railway suburban line. It is four storeyed. There is underground passage built to cross the road here. Nearby are Eros Theatre located just opposite and the Industrial Assurance Building on the South-west of the Railway Station.


Prince Of Wales Museum

           This Museum is 2.6kms away from Churchgate Railway Station. It is one of the best Museum in India. It is named after the Prince of Wales when King George came to India as Prince of Wales. He laid the foundation stone of this Building in 1905. The style and architecture are principally 16th century Muslim. It houses the finest collection of early Indian miniatures. It is located in the heart of downtown Mumbai. It is a quite big Museum having three main section i.e. Art, Natural History and Archaeology. It remains open daily except Mondays. Visiting hours are between 10am and 6pm.


Flora Fountain (Hutatma Chowk)

            This fountain was buit to commemorate Sir Bartle Frere. Popularly known as Flora Fountain, after Flora, the Roman goddess, whose statue dominated the impressive structure. Situated in a square in the heart of the commercial city, surrounded by major banks and corporate offices, and very near the Bombay Stock Exchange at Dalal Street.


Mani Bhavan

        This old house on Leburnum rd was Mahatma Gandhi's Bombay house from 1917-34. Now converted into a shrine in his memory, exhibiting his charpoy (Simple bed), Stick, sandals and the spinning wheel (Charkha) that he was associated with, Besides the plain spartan room, there are picture of events from his life, a research library, a mini-theatre showing films on Gandhi and India's struggle for independence.



         This was built in 1955. It is modern style building having six storeyed and Annexe at its back. It represents novel features of modern architecture and structural engineering. The office of Maharashtra Government are housed here. Nearby is a very beautiful structure of Yoga Khesma. Offices of Life Insurance Corporation and all India Radio are also existing there.


Taraporewala Aquarium

        Built in 1951, along Marine Drive, the largest of its kind in India, houses many varieties of freshwater and saltwater specimens. On display are sharks, rays and marine turtles.


Nehru Center

           This building houses the Discovery of India Exposition and was designed by architect I M Kadri. The viewer experiences India through the ages with images reaching three dimensional replicas of major architectural and artistic works. Situated next to it is the Planetarium (Tel : 4920510) which is the only Astronomical Centre in Mumbai. Also within the complex are an auditorium and convention centre where major exhibitions and conventions are organised.



        A beautiful stepped tank surrounded by 30 temples & 2 hermitages. The steps were constructed in the Silhara dynasty (810-1240) and the waters rises from an underground stream to fill the tanks. Legend says that Lord Rama camped here enroute to Sri Lanka. It is the oldest settlement in Mumbai.


National Park

            Situated near Kanheri caves. This Park lies on the east of Borivli Railway Station. Very pleasant holiday resort and cottages are available on rent. The highlight of the park is Mahatma Gandhi Sumriti Mandir built on the top of the hill, which commands a beautifull panormic view of the fast developing suburbs


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