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  • White radish mixed with honey and a teaspoonful of ghee everyday acts as a good cure.
  • Harir fruit acts as a good laxative and is highly astringent. It helps those suffering from chronic piles.
  • A few drops of latex of the banyan, fig or silk cotton tree mixed in milk and taken daily helps to cure bleeding piles.



  • Frighten the person who has hiccups in order to stop them.
  • Gulping down cold water helps relieve stomach irritation and stops hiccups.
  • Close the nostrils firmly and hold breadth as long as possible in order to stop hiccups.
  • Licking down a teaspoonful of dry sugar pressing the sides of the neck with the thumbs.


Common Cold

  • A glass of dilute limejuice prepared in warm water with a teaspoonful of honey acts as an ideal remedy for cold and cough.
  • For severe cold, running nose and sneezing, betel leaf juice with 1 teaspoonful of honey serves well if taken thrice a day.
  • Garlic soup and pepper rasam decrease severity of cold.
  • For grown-ups suffering from cold and feverishness, add six pepper seeds, finely powdered to a glass of warm water and 6 pieces of batasha. Take this drink at night for a few days to see the effect.
  • When little infants have nose and eyes running, apply red tile paste over the child's forehead and temples.
  • Another common remedy for infants is to add teaspoonful of turmeric powder and a spoonful ajwain to a cup of boiling water. Put off the fire and allow it to cool. Give an ounce of this decoction, sweetened with a little honey thrice a day.
  • Cut ladies' finger into pieces, put it in a pint of water and boil to get a decoction. Inhale its steam in order to get relieved from throat irritation and dry cough.


Irritant Cough, Cold and Flu

  • For a dry cough, take a teaspoonful of honey once or twice a day for a few days.
  • Fresh frothing cow's milk as it comes out of the udder taken on empty stomach helps cure chronic dry cough.
  • About teaspoonful of fresh, pure turmeric powder in an ounce of warm milk is a useful prescription for cough and cold.
  • White radish juice sweetened with a teaspoonful of honey taken always keeps cold at bay.


Sore Throat

  • Tea gargles heal inflammation and prevents recurrent sore throat and tonsillitis.
  • To relieve irritation or pain in the throat, gargle with warm water boiled with tulsi leaves.
  • Palm candy bits or sugar-candy pieces must be sucked when suffering from throat inflammation.



  • In fever states, light coffee and tea serve as useful beverages to bring down fever.
  • In order to reduce fever, boil equal quantities of parwal leaves and fresh coriander leaves to get a decoction. One -two ounces of mixture thrice a day.
  • Liberal intake of rice starch in fever acts as a diuretic increasing urination and also acts as a nourishing drink.
  • A decoction of the roots and leaves of the lotus and the petals if available makes a home remedy for bringing down fever due to any cause.



  • For infants with a severe earache, peel a couple of garlic cloves, put them in an iron ladle with a tablespoon of groundnut oil and warm the oil over fire till the oil turns brown with charred garlic. Filter and cool this oil and pour a few drops into the infant's ear.
  • Garlic and neem oils are popular remedies for curing infection and inflammation of the ear.
  • If there is nothing handy, collect a few drops of the baby's urine and instill a drop or two in the baby's ear. Repeat after few hours.
  • For chronic discharging ears, collect limejuice and filter it free of any particles. Then leave it in a coloured bottle exposed to the sun for few days. Few drops instilled in the ear twice or thrice a day for a few weeks will bring complete cure.

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