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Shree Mahaganpati(Ranjangoan)
About Ranjangoan:

Ranjangoan is situated on Pune-Ahmednagar Highway.
From Mumbai one can go to Pune, from Pune one can reach Ranjangoan in the following ways:
  • State transport buses are available from Pune's Shivajinagar bus stand.
  • On Pune-Ahmednagar Highway,Ranjangoan is at a distance of 50kms from Pune.
Shree Mahaganpati's Temple and Idol:

Temple faces east and has a beautiful and big entrance.Idols of two door keepers namely Jay and Vijay are present near the gateway.Nagarkhana is situated above the entrance gate. Main temple looks like temple from peshwa's period.Temple is so constructed that sun rays fall directly on Shree Ganesha's idol.The stone pillars of old temple will be seen in the compound which indicates that architecture of original temple shows similarity to 9th or 10th century architecture.
Idol faces east and is in a crossed legged sitting position with broad forehead and the trunk turned towards the left. Riddhi and Siddhi are on both the sides of Mahaganpati.It is said that the original idol of mahaganpati is hidden in a cellar in the basement.It is also said that it has10 trunks and 20 hands.Meditating on that idol is called Mahaganapati Dhyan.That idol is not taken out usually.That ganesha is called Mahotkata.However temple trustee's have refused the existence of such an idol in the cellar.

|| Shree Tripurarivarado Mahaganpati Vijayate ||

|| Vigneshwar || Varadvinayak || Mahaganpati || Moreshwar || Girijatmaj || Siddhivinayak || Chintamani ||Ballaleshwar ||

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